1. To place an order on our website, it is necessary to register during the checkout process. Our store allows you to create a customer account, with your email address and the password you choose, to facilitate login and future purchases. This data will be processed and incorporated into our files, as reported in our section on personal data protection contained in the Legal Notice.

  2. To make a purchase, you must choose the product or service and the system will automatically redirect you to the order page (checkout, finalize order).

  3. On this screen you must indicate your name, surname and email (unless you have already logged in), as well as choose a payment method.

  4. Once completed, press the “Buy course” button.

  5. If the chosen payment method is PayPal, you must validate the payment on the provider’s page. And if it is payment with a credit card, the data related to it will be requested: then a purchase confirmation page will be shown with a download link, if you have purchased software or downloadable content, or with a confirmation of contracting, if it is a service.

    Payment Methods

    There are two different payment methods:

    Credit Card / WooPayment: If you choose this form of payment, you will enter the secure website of our financial entity, where you will be asked for your card number and expiration date. For your peace of mind, absolute security is guaranteed, as both your personal data and your card travel encrypted thanks to the SSL secure server provided by this financial entity. The data about your credit card are not registered in any database but go directly to the Redsys TPV (Point of Sale Terminal) of the Bank. Also, at no time does thestudiobusiness.com receive your card data, only confirmation of your payment.

    PayPal: you must validate the payment on the PayPal page.

    Product Delivery

    In relation to delivery dates, when it comes to infoproducts, delivery will be immediate, and when it comes to providing services, the execution period of the service will be notified via email.

    In purchasing our services there is no need to provide any financial guarantee or deposit.

    There is no geographical limitation to access the content sold on our website.

    The services sold on our website enjoy all intellectual property protection rights and other legal guarantees.

    All necessary technical measures are also used to ensure safe purchase and access to digital products.

    Interoperability or the ability of our product or system, whose interfaces are fully known, to operate with other existing or future products or systems without access or implementation restriction will depend on the technical and organizational needs that are necessary at any time to sell products and provide services offered to consumers.


    The customer of our online store agrees at all times to provide truthful information about the data requested in the different purchase forms.

    The right of withdrawal may be exercised during the 14 days following the purchase made of the service, not being applicable to digital services for being able to use them in said period and not being a real withdrawal.

    The right of withdrawal will not apply to contracts that refer to digital content supply (programs, applications or computer texts, both by download or real-time broadcast), which is not provided on a material medium when execution has begun.

    So when the customer is purchasing a product that is digital content and has accessed it, they lose their right of withdrawal. As stated in art. 103 m) TRLGDCU, according to which the right of withdrawal will not apply to contracts that refer to: “The supply of digital content that is not provided on a material medium when execution has begun with the prior express consent of the consumer and user with the knowledge on their part that as a result they lose their right of withdrawal”.

    Being digital products, there are no material costs for returning the product, because access is only limited, so there will be no refund of expenses.

    In relation to services, if these have not been able to be provided due to lack of cooperation from the customer, they will lose the right to a refund of what was paid.

    The after-sales assistance of the infoproducts purchased will be free if it refers to difficulties in accessing the platform.

    Consultations that occur as a result of the delivery of the purchased material are not included as free. For any requirement, you can contact hola@thestudiobusiness.com