Guidance in change processes, management, and decision-making:

6 months, meetings every 15 days, 90 min, 1:1.

With a methodology based on 5 steps:

1. Current situation detailed analysis.

2. Setting goals from 3 to  6 months.

3. Sales strategy review and improvement

4. Change of mindset from entrepreneur to businessman

5. Elevator Pitch enhanced.

To strive: + Control + Structure + Sales.


As a driver of specific and continuous training for improvement of professional and personal skills and competencies: Focused on SMEs.

Different levels: Lite, Basic, Intermediate I and II. From the creation and idea of business, including growth and scalability. 

For all areas in your business. Also for rural and agri-food companies and projects.


Through collaboration agreements with other professionals, associations, and entities.

We work as a team on projects for specific tasks and duration.

This includes everything from the presentation of the project, through execution and supervision, to technical justification.


This unique Mentorship is specially designed to take the first step in order to succeed.

I help you identify the areas of opportunity in your business.

Evaluate specific steps for your business growth.

In order to boost your confidence, I inspire you to take action, and to unlock your maximum potential