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To develop a business relationship, between Aina Ruiz de Azúa, hereinafter referred to as The Studio Business, as a provider of mentoring services for 6 months, biweekly, and with a duration of 90 minutes (ninety minutes). Included between the periods from ____________________________ to ____________________________

and the professional ______________________________________________ in the role of client of these services.

These services are based on a methodology of personalized support through which an expert person, the person in charge of The Studio Business, helps another with less experience, the client, to enhance their skills and competencies, enabling their personal and professional abilities, development and the consolidation of their ongoing project and/or business.

 These mentoring sessions consist of establishing a one-to-one (1:1) space of trust and understanding that allows the analysis and discussion of the problems concerns that arise for the client in the management of the business, using open questions, active listening and assertiveness methodology, with the aim of enhancing their self-confidence and improving the decision-making process

For the development of the relationship of the mentoring program “HIGHWAY TO SUCCESS”, the parties assume the following COMMITMENTS AND CLAUSES

Aina Ruiz de Azúa and hereinafter The Studio Business commits to:

The client (insert full name) commits to:

Contracting mentoring services “Highway to Success” and “Unique 1:1”: Duration, extension, payments, refunds, termination and/or cancellation

  1. Use personal data to which they have access solely and exclusively to fulfill their contractual obligations.
  2.  Observe and adopt all necessary security measures to ensure confidentiality, secrecy and integrity of personal data to which they have access, as well as adopting in future all security measures required by laws and regulations aimed at preserving secrecy, confidentiality and integrity in automated processing of personal data.
  3. Not transfer under any circumstances to third parties personal data to which they have access, not even for its preservation.
  4. In accordance with Article 5 of Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, THE BUSINESS MENTOR undertakes to keep professional secrecy and maximum confidentiality regarding all personal data that they know and have access to during the performance of this Contract. The CLIENT may exercise relevant legal actions if they do not proceed accordingly.
  5. Attached is an annex document on Data Protection and consent.

And as proof of conformity, they sign it on the date and place indicated at the head of the agreement.

By representative of THE STUDIO BUSINESS                                                                    By [client name]