18 Tools in Business Change Processes

An entrepreneur undergoing changes can benefit from a variety of tools and resources to facilitate the transition and improve business management. These tools can help address specific challenges and support informed decision-making. Some of the most common tools include:   **Mentorship and Guidance:** Having a mentor or business guide who understands and has experienced similar […]

Preliminary steps for a change Mindset in business  and useful resources

Visión Empresarial

Developing a successful business strategic vision, changing your business mindset, and growing your business is an ongoing process that requires dedication and effort. Here you can read some steps and routines to improve this skill… and why not? Turn it into an ability!  Some recommended books include; Here I also detail an example of a […]

Business loneliness and the need for professional support

Soledad en el Emprendimiento

Business loneliness is a common phenomenon in the business world. Many entrepreneurs find themselves alone on their path to success, facing challenges and making important decisions without having someone to share their concerns and doubts with.  This loneliness can be detrimental to the entrepreneur’s emotional well-being and the success of their company. That’s why the […]

Taking Decisions in YOUR COMPANY

Decisiones Empresariales

Adapting to constant changes is a challenge for all companies, especially for small businesses, local businesses, and entrepreneurs. However, there are ways to be more effective without having to invest large amounts of time or money. A current example of success in adapting to changes is the increase in online companies, e-commerce, which have low […]